We are able to supply fully configured hardware delivered to site and connect it to your network, with all updates complete, ready to use.  Please consider us for all your IT hardware requirements, from a fully configured office network to a single netbook.


CSL are able to supply most brands of server and configure them to fit your requirements.  We are Fujitsu partners and have found their range to provide excellent reliability and value for money.  In recent times server prices have become significantly more affordable and many businesses have benefited from the increased network speed, security and reliability that they can help to provide.  If you are considering upgrading your current hardware or looking to install your first server, we would be happy to help.


We are constantly evaluating products to ensure that we are able to offer our customers the best reliability, performance and value for money.  We are able to supply most makes and models of PC and will custom build to specification where required.  For business use we continue to recommend Windows XP Professional (Vista is too slow and cumbersome), but will move to Windows 7 when it is shown to be sufficiently robust - probably after service pack 1 is released.  The current range of PCs from Fujitsu are ideal for offices where low noise levels are required and these often prove to be a good solution.

Laptops and Netbooks

This is an area where product ranges change so frequently that it is hard to keep up.  We have a policy of only supplying products from manufacturers that have a proven track record for quality and reliability.  Amongst our currently available models are products from


We have many years of experience in dealing with printing in an office environment, particularly where there is a high volume requirement and colour may be needed.  Whether you are considering a multifunction machine for a small office or looking to upgrade your existing network printers, we will be happy to help.  If you have considered colour printing in the past, but cost has been an obstacle, we are able to supply a wide range of colour laser and LED printers which are affordable to buy and run.

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